Before you join IceClan, you must read the rules and you must absolutely read them thoroughly.

Rules of IceClan Roleplaying WikiEdit

  1. No roleplaying other people's cats. If you break this rule, you will get a warning, but if you continue to break it you will be banned for a few days. If you keep roleplaying other people's cats when you return, you will be banned for as long as I, or any of the other admins think is appropriate.
  2. If you need to say something outside of a roleplay, please put it inside parenthesis. If you don't you will get a warning. Banning will not be given for this one as I realize we all make mistakes, but if you troll and break this rule, then you WILL get banned.
  3. No inappropriate content. You know what I mean. If you do this, no warnings, you WILL be banned (for how long will be decided by how inappropriate it is). Just in case you are wondering what I'm talking about, let's just say that the only mature content you can do is blood and guts (just minor).
  4. There is no limit to cats on IceClan and you may upload/add things to you characters'  profile pages, but you cannot mess with the template. If you mess up the template on accident, we understand, so I advise letting the admins add things to the templates for you so there isn't any messed up pages.
  5. You can't have cats with ridiculous names unless the are/were a loner. If you have a Clanborn cat with a weird name, we will give you a warning, and have you either change the name or the history of your cat.
  6. Absolutely no sparkle cats. Your cats must have reasonable descriptions, and if your cat has a power, the admins must approve it. If your cat were invincible, it wouldn't be fair to the other cats, so that is an example of a power that will not be approved on the wiki. If you give your cat a power or an impossible description for a cat, you will be banned for a few days to a month depending on whether the power/description you gave your cat without permission was minor or major.
  7. Only admins can approve cats and make cat pages. If you do either one/both, then the cat page will be deleted and you will be let off with a warning. If the behavior continues, you will be banned for a few days.
  8. NO TROLLING. I can't stress this enough, because of what happened on another wiki. If anyone trolls by giving mean comments, doing inappropriate things, making random cats without approval, deleting/messing up pages, ect. the person WILL be banned for life.