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Tortoiseshell she-cat edit1

Rped by Floatie

Rank: Dark Forest Warrior

Apperance: Gray, white and orange tortie with amber eyes.                                                  

Personality: Seems sweet and nice when you don't know her, but she is tempered, mean, and really just somecat (PUN PUN PUUUNNNN) you don't wanna know.

History: When she was alive, she had kits with her mate, Lizardclaw. Soon after, Lizardclaw was murdered. His killer was never found, but Dreamfeather knew who did it. She loved Lizardclaw with everything she had, but she also knew that he was cheating on her. She followed him one night, and saw him go with another she-cat, Windgaze. He called it off, but Windgaze wasn't over. She murdered him, so Dreamfeather killed her. It was indeed fair right? A life for a life, then it would be over, and yet it wasn't. Somecat (trolololol) saw her, and blackmailed her for it. His name was Spiderheart, and he actually always loved Dreamfeather. He said if she did whatever he said, he wouldn't tell and the leader wouldn't take her away from the kits. After killing many innocent she-cats and toms, she was sick of doing what he said. She murdered him the next night. She knew what was happening, and she sent both her kits outside the clan. She had gone crazy, and almost killed all of the clan, until somecat (HERM HERM DERRP) stopped her. That cat was then notified as a hero, and became the leader after the leader got sick.

Family: Two unknown kits, one older than the other, One she-cat, one tom.

Extras: She teaches cats in their dreams.