• Lily Frost

    Lilly's Roleplay Cats

    October 13, 2014 by Lily Frost

    Hello I'm Lily and these are cats I Roleplay. If these haven't been approved or aren't on the Join the Clan page, they will be soon.

    Chocolate - kittypet Willow - loner Dawnsky - expecting queen Nightthorn - warrior Daykit - kit Pumpkinvine - elder Lemongrass - loner

    More coming soon! Xoxo Lily

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  • Spottedpool599


    Anyway, this wiki is becoming a little more active now! Isn't that epic? So, since I'm an admin and admins are supposed to be admins, I'm going to actually start doing stuff like accepting cats on JtC, maybe making a few pages, and stalking- I mean watching- RPs to make sure all the rules are being followed.

    I'm also going to get rid of my dorky signature and make a better one so I can sign off blogs.

    I have to go now, so I'll end this blog here c:

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  • IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart

    Yay! Couple Art for IceClan because I have my Deviant Art account: IceXFeatherXCrane!

    So you can request some because you're all my buddies.

    So here is what you need to do when you leave a request:

    Name of cats in couple:

    Description of both cats:

    Where they confessed:


    What you would like them to be doing in the picture (ex. blushing, touching noses, ect.):

    Additional Info:

    AND because you are all my buddies, I am going to make a big deal of perfectly sketching, coloring, shading, THE WORKS.



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  • IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart

    So, everybody, welcome to IceClan.

    So far I know that FloatingMilkXD, Fuzzypelt, Mistybrook, Ash622, Avalanchestrike, Helloitsmeguys, 1Ninja2Kat3, Silverstar10, Tanglefrost101, Hawkmask121, and Jetfeather.

    We also have 4 very awesome admins, as well as myself: Roboflight, Ash622, Mistybird, and FloatingMilkXD.

    IceClan is off to a very good start. We have lots of cats, many users, and many admins.

    Getting to the point of this blog, I notice we have lots of apprentices without mentors, so since one of my cats is leader, and the Clan meeting page isn't up yet, I decided to assign mentors here.

    Some apprentices already have mentors.





    And some apprentices do not have mentors, so …

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